Whats Included?

You get everything you need for a great night. This includes:

  • A top of the range sound system that I play loud enough to hear but isn’t deafening.
  • A star-cloth booth covered with dozens of tiny white lights. It hides all my equipment so you don’t see all the wires and plugs. It looks classy. And sounds great!
  • State of the art lighting that unlike other DJ’s is included in your price.
  • A trained back up DJ alongside me just in case.
  • I am happy to act as your toastmaster, to organise and call out announcements, raffles, prizes or gifts for no extra cost.
  • I supply everything you need to transform any venue into a classy discotheque. It takes around 30 minutes to be set up and playing music. I know other DJs can take 2 hours to set up.
  • I have over 20,000 tracks from the Fifties to present day. I am happy to play requests or work to a prepared list of songs if you wish.

I can also provide a P.A for speeches.  If you are having a band or another artist I am happy introduce them and provide any help to them to ensure your guests are treated to a professional and polished show. Even if you are having another act at your party, you still need a great DJ. No matter how good (or bad) they are, a DJ will be able to pick up the tempo or keep it going after they have finished. If you don’t have one as soon as the act comes off the party will fall flat.

DJ Music Microphone use

My microphone use is kept to a minimum. I am not a DJ that is constantly naming each tune.      I talk when necessary. I make any announcements needed, or call people down for the first dance etc but apart from an introduction and a sign off at the end you won’t hear from me. That is unless you want to! I am comfortable with the microphone but I don’t talk over tunes or waffle on. I know that your guests want to listen to great music, not me.

I use only top of the range, P.A.T tested equipment. I also have all the relevant public liability insurance required by most venues.