Wedding DJ Surrey

As you’re on this website I’d like to offer you congratulations for two reasons. The first of these is for your upcoming wedding. The second is for finding me and exactly what you’re looking for as part of the plans. You don’t want to be looking for just any wedding DJ Surrey has; what you really want is the best DJ in town. That’s definitely me, so you’re definitely looking at the right site!

What makes me the best DJ for your wedding? I’ve been doing this since before many of the lucky brides and grooms I play for were born. Some say that age and experience doesn’t always make you the best. They’re right to be cautious, but the fact is you don’t survive in the DJ and entertainment business for too long if you’re no good at it. My top form performances have always put me as the number one choice for weddings.

The main thing to remember about me is that I’m there to enhance your wedding plans, not hinder them. With me it’s not what I can’t do; I am all about what I can do for you – especially when it comes to making sure the big day goes perfectly. When you book me to be your wedding DJ in Surrey you really are getting someone who fits in as part of your plan, not someone who insists on changing them.

Key things that you get with me include –

  • Fast set up – all ready to go in a matter of minutes not hours.
  • Discreet design DJ booth – no wires lying all over the floor.
  • 20,000 songs to choose from, and special requests made in advance always picked up and played.
  • Extra features for you, such as a confetti cannon, a bubbles machine, and a smoke generator.

Whether you want me to just handle the music or do any other job – toastmaster, prize giver, announcer, or competition runner – I’ll be glad to do it for you. I’m as serious about being the best DJ in town as you are about having a great experience on your big day.

For now, once again my congratulations for your wedding plans, and well done on finding me. I’m looking forward to hearing from you – get in touch and we’ll chat about what I can do for you.