Wedding DJ Kent

When you’re planning for the perfect party and reception for a wedding the number one thing you want is for everything to be perfect. Sadly this may not be straightforward. We’d hope that it is, but we suspect that – up to now – you’ve had a hard time finding the most entertaining wedding DJ Kent has. If that sums up your situation, then you can rest assured – you’ve now found the best DJ in town.

It must be a huge relief for you to find a wedding DJ who just does what you want. Other providers offer all kinds of additional services and can run the risk of putting the music on the backseat. I never do that and always focus on ensuring the soundtrack is a centrepiece of the event. Additional services add to this rather than taking away from it.

For over twenty years I’ve been proud to be the perfect DJ for weddings across the area. It’s always been my pleasure to put in the performance you want for your wedding guests at the reception and party. Whether you’re looking for someone to simply play the music of choice (and I do always have at least 20,000 songs on hand) or also act as the toastmaster, the announcer or someone to instigate some good old fashioned fun with party games, that’s me. And that is exactly what makes me the best DJ in town.

I bring along a fuss free booth which takes me less than an hour to set up. It’s also well organized so there’s to rivers of cables across the dance floor. With prices starting down at just £495 it’s safe to say I am as much the most affordable as I am the best DJ in town. And for that you get the entertainment you want and have looked for – not what someone else thinks you might want instead.

Making sure your wedding goes exactly as you want means ensuring you have the best of everything. To make sure your music meets this please get in touch with me today. Whether you give me a call or drop me a message through my website, we’ll get the perfect plans sorted out for you.