Wedding DJ Hampshire

Let’s be honest about it – as beautiful as the wedding ceremony itself is the big thing guests from the day remember is the reception and party afterwards. This is true, of course, when it all goes perfectly, which means absolutely everyone having a really great time. What you want – no, need – for that to happen is the best DJ in town to be involved. That’s exactly who I am and what you’re looking for as you search for wedding DJ Hampshire.

The simple truth about being a DJ is that if you’re no good at it you soon get found out, and when that happens your career is over. It’s for that reason that I am always happy to say I’ve been doing this for close to two decades. Time and again those planning for the perfect entertainment for the big event have called on me, and in every case they have been glad that they did.

To carry on with the honesty above, right now you are probably looking at a couple of options for your wedding DJ in Hampshire. What you want to know then, is what makes me the best DJ in town and why you should pick me. The answer to this is pretty simple, really. Whilst others rush around making sure that you know what they can’t do for you, all I am about is doing everything you ask of me for your wedding – and then more.

My on-hand music collection normally has some 20,000 songs, covering the last 60+ years of popular music. Is there a specific song you want to have? Let me know in advance and it will be played – as often as you like. The portable PA system I bring is yours to use for speeches and announcements, and I will do any task you like, from announcer and toastmaster through to competition host and prize giver.

I’m very proud to be a wedding DJ Hampshire couples have called on and trusted time and again to perform at the big event. Every time I’ve delivered above and beyond the wildest of expectations.

Give me a call, or send me a message through my website. With prices starting at £495.00, I know that you’re going to find me the most affordable and the best choice possible for your wedding DJ booking.