Wedding DJ East Sussex

Firstly, thank you very much for visiting my site. If you’re here looking at what I can do for you then you’re clearly looking to find the best DJ in town, and it’s fantastic to confirm you’ve found him.

What you are searching for is the best wedding DJ East Sussex has to make sure that your big day plans all come off perfectly. With over 15 years of experience in the industry I’ve got the proud reputation of being the one that will do that for you. In my industry you don’t get a second chance when you make mistakes – my flawless performances are what have made me the number one choice.

One thing people always assume is that the best DJ, just as with anything, is the one that will cost the most. I prove that this isn’t true at all, with prices starting from £495. With that in mind, as you are looking around at options you really do need to ask yourself why would you want to pay someone more when their performance isn’t going to be anywhere near as good as mine?

Hiring me as your wedding DJ in East Sussex gives you everything you’d need for your reception and party. I’m happy to just be in the background and provide the music, or if you’d like I’m perfectly happy to act as Toastmaster, announcer, competition runner and prize giver. Anything you can think of that will make your plans go perfectly is something I am always ready, willing, and able to do.

But will I have the songs you want to hear? Of course. That’s the main reason I am there. As a standard I’ve got 20,000 songs with me, going all the way from the 50’s through to today’s latest and greatest. If there’s an extra special song you want, just let me know in advance and I will make sure it’s all set and ready to play at the right time.

The above is all showing why I am the best DJ in town. What I’d like to do now is talk to you about why I’d be perfect for your big day. Let’s have that chat soon. You can get in touch with me via my website or on the phone. I’m looking forward to speaking soon, and doing what I do to make sure your party goes perfectly and to plan.